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What is a Saddle fit?

If you are having comfort and or performance issues with your current bike fit, your saddle choice and setup could well be one of the most likely candidates for the cause of many of the problems you are experiencing. The saddle is one of the three major contact points and governs a majority of the fit on the bike by affecting and influencing the pelvis and it's position, which in turn inflences reach and how the bar and stem are set.

The saddle Demo Option

The saddle demo option at Livermore Cyclery provides for the cyclist to get a professional saddle fit and demo any number of saddle options for one fee (see below). Ride as many saddles as they choose to find the one that they are happy with. This provides a professional fit for the saddle and the ability to test and get a hands on real world test of a particular saddle.

The pieces of a good bike fit. . .The saddle.

In bicycle fit you have a large dynamic component, the human body, and the interplay of a finite static element, the bike. The human cyclist will have continuing change in form, flexibility, range of motion, fitness and body dynamics that can change on a continuously variable time line. The bicycle is for all intents and purposes a static input, insomuch as the frame does not change or the seat height and saddle fore aft does not alter by itself or from ride to ride (unless your mechanic is not doing their job). The position of the rider's body will change when you change a saddle and this can be related to the saddle type and it's ability to cater to a rider's physical and flexibility traits.

I am a recreational rider. Do I need a professional fit?

The benefit of optimal fit is a cycling based performance and comfort parameter, both of which are of benefit to both beginners and experienced endurance cyclists and racers. The true goal of bike fit is to mitigate the potential for chronic stress and deal with acute issues that are both fit related and may be reduced or

Power, Comfort & Fit

Riding a bike is principally about power generation and the work that has to be completed to produce the required power to move the bike forward at the desired speed.