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Fit Service Options & Prices

Our fit specialists

Our fit specialists manage their own schedules so please contact one of our stores or the fit specialist directly.

  • In Dublin:

    Jeff Bell (USAC 2) call or email Jeff Bell to book or consult for a fit.

  • In Livermore:

    Steve Howard & Steve Carkeek call our Livermore location to book or consult for a fit.

  • In Alamo:

    Eric Henry call our Alalmo location to book or consult for a fit.

The pieces of a good bike fit. . . . .

In bicycle fit you have a large dynamic component, the human body, and the interplay of a static element, the bike. The human cyclist will have ongoing changes in form, flexibility, range of motion, fitness and body dynamics that can change on a continuously variable time line. The bicycle is for all intents and purposes a static input, insomuch as the frame does not change or the seat height and saddle fore aft does not alter by itself or from ride to ride (unless your mechanic is not doing their job). The position of the rider's body is typically set to find a balance and cohesion between comfort, power generation and efficiency. Comfort is about allowing the cyclist to meet these needs without necessarily experiencing reduced performance or efficiency.

The mystery of fit . . . not as much as you think.

The success of a road bike fit is centered upon meeting the current riding demands and future potential needs of the cyclist's riding while paying heed to current physical or biomechanical restrictions.

I am a recreational rider. Do I need a professional fit?

The benefit of an optimal fit is a cycling performance and comfort parameter, both of which are of importance to both beginners and experienced endurance cyclists and racers alike. The true goal of bike fit is to mitigate the potential for chronic stress and discomfort and reduce the potential for resulting injury by identifying and mitigating acute stress issues caused by current bad position and fit on the bike.

Power, Comfort & Fit

Riding a bike is principally about power generation and the work that has to be completed to produce the required power to move the bike forward at the desired speed under varying demands and circumstances. Comfort is not a feature to be sacrificed at the expense of power and performance, it is simply a part of the whole formula for cycling for life.