Mechanical Service Options

Minor Tune-Up ($110.00)

  • Adjust brakes and derailleurs
  • safety check on all bolts, clamps and suspecsion pivots
  • adjust all bearing surfaces (hubs, bb, headset)
  • lubricate all cables and chain
  • check and true rims of wheels
  • wipe down bike

major Tune-up ($150.00)

The service options offered in our minor tune-up plus all the following:

  • cleaning and lubricating all drivetrain components
  • extensive cleaning of frame and wheels
  • extensive front and rear wheel true - including dishing, tension & vertical runout (hop)

Pro Level Tune Up or Frame Swap ($275.00)

All of the same thorough service you get with a Major tune-up with the addition of:

  • checking frame alignment
  • replace cables and housing
  • rewrap and replace grips (if necessary)
  • replace brake pads (if necessary)
  • clean and inspect all bearing surfaces and replace as needed

Wheel service

  • tire/tube replacement, flat fix: $12.00 plus parts
  • install and slime tube (front or rear): $15.00
  • install tubeless sealant only: $12.00
  • tubeless system install with sealant: $30.00
  • wheel build: $120.00
  • spoke replacement: $50.00 (front); $60.00 (rear)
  • tension andtrue wheel (front): $50.00
  • tension and true wheel (rear): $60.00

Drivetrain& Brakes

  • minor adjustments (derailleurs, brakes, headset, bottom bracket, hubs): $20.00 - $35.00
  • install brake or derailleur cable: $25.00
  • install hydraulic brake - front or rear: $80.00
  • straighten derailleur hanger: $30.00
  • install chain or cassette: $12.00
  • bleed hydraulic brakes: $120.00/hour

30 day Free Check

Livermore Cyclery seeks to provide the best service policy among its competitors. To that end, we pledge the following:

Within the first 90 days of ownership of the bicycle, the original owner will receive a free 30-day check-up (a $70 value). This includes tuning of the front and rear derailleurs, adjustment of the front and rear brakes, adjustment of the headset and bottom bracket, adjustment of the wheel hub cones, minor truing of the wheels, and proper torquing of the crank-arm, seat-clamp bolt, stem, handlebars, and wheel axle nuts.

During and after the first year of ownership, the original owner will receive minor mechanical adjustments for the life of the bicycle.

This policy does not cover: Flats, normal wear and tear of the drive-train components, rubber, plastic, leather or cork parts, readjustment due to a change in components, cosmetic damage, or any damage caused by improper operation, collision, exposure to the elements, or uses for which the bicycle was not intended. The owner of the bicycle is responsible for proper cleaning and simple maintenance, including keeping the bicycle free of moisture, dirt, and excessive grease or oil. Livermore Cyclery will show you how to properly lubricate your bicycle’s drive-train upon request.Livermore Cyclery will be unable to honor our pledge of free minor mechanical adjustments if your bicycle requires excessive cleaning.

Your “free” service is NOT mandatory. If you prefer to bring your bike in for numerous major adjustments in an unclean state, or to “fire and forget” by riding with little personal cleaning or maintenance, that is okay! We will always charge you fair market value for any paid service.

This service policy is non-transferable. Livermore Cyclery may rescind the policy if the bicycle has been sold to another party, heavily damaged, damaged beyond repair, or if the owner or any other party has attempted to modify or otherwise alter the bicycle. If the original owner does not bring the bicycle in for a warranty check-up within ninety days of purchase, the service policy may be considered null and void. Work performed by persons other than employees of Livermore Cyclery may void your warranty and service policy.

If you have any additional questions, please see a Livermore Cyclery employee in person or call one of our locations. We will be happy to assist you.