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The Smart Trainer Revolution

The term 'smart trainer' refers to indoor resistance units that can interact with software, so programs like the virtual-riding Zwift and the prescribed-interval TrainerRoad control the resistance you feel when pedaling. Most smart trainers work on both ANT+ and Bluetooth. ANT+ is the common wireless protocol for cycling products like heart-rate monitors, and Bluetooth is standard on most newer smartphones, tablets and computers.

Besides interactive resistance control, the other main selling point of a smart trainer is power measurement. Like a power meter, a smart trainer will tell you exactly how hard you are working.

The smart trainer revolution has really been driven by two elements. First, the development and availibiity of software applications both computer based and cloud based platform options - Zwift™ & Trainer Road™ with many more adding to the options - read about these @ DC Rainmaker. Also check out the options below.

These applications allow the cyclist to communicate and engage on the front end to exploit and leverage the expanding hardware technology on the back-end with the new smart trainer choices. A benefit of this growth is the increased emphasis upon power based training among non-competitive and competitive cyclists alike. On-bike power meter hardware design and technology exploiting greater accuracy, convenience and realism. has helped drive power as Zwift has become a high profile influencer among the general cycling population who were not exploiting early smart trainer software and hardware such as the Racermate Computrainer™ and PerfPro™ or Trainer Road™ and Sufferfest™.

The Smart Trainer Options

Zwift Official Test Center

Smart Trainers @ Livermore Cyclery

At Livermore Cyclery we carry and use the best options in the smart trainer universe.

  • Wahoo Kickr
  • Wahoo Snap
  • CycleOps Hammer
  • CycleOps
  • Tacx Neo
  • Tacx Flux

Software Options for Smart Trainers

  • Zwift
  • Trainer Road
  • PerfPro

I am a recreational rider. Would I benefit from Using a Smart Trainer & Power?

The benefit of training with power impacts all levels of cycling power based performance aefit to both beginners and experienced endurance cyclists and racers. The true goal of bike fit is to mitigate the potential for chronic stress and

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