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Conquer the steepest decents and ridge lines or the next Red Bull Rampage. Why Not! Specialized and Trek enduro and downhill mountain bikes offer capable machines that can conquer the fastest and most aggresive mountains on the down side to bring grins and adventure.

Specialized Enduro & Downhilll Bikes

  • Specialized Enduro
  • Whether you're riding in the backcountry or racing enduro, you need a bike that's capable and efficient. After all, to ride "all mountain" necessitates riding the entire mountain. That's why our Enduro line of all mountain bikes, both in 650b and 29er options, come equipped with loads of travel, lightweight constructions, and geometries that can handle themselves on anything from downhill tracks to stomach-wrenching climbs.

  • Specialized Demo8
  • There's no room for failure in DH. That's why our Demo 8 downhill mountain bikes get right down to business. They're designed to be the fastest bikes on the track, and with a World Cup overall, it's safe to say that we did it right. You'll find 200mm of our FSR suspension, aggressive S3 DH race geometry, asymmetrical frames, and 650b wheels. It's a machine primed to give you maximum control over the gnarliest terrain that the mountain can muster. The Specialized Co. draw's inspiration from the local cycling of the Northern California’s natural properties, creating a brand story that translates across the cycling world and beyond.

Trek Enduro & Downhill Bikes

    Slash is designed from the ground up to conquer the gnarliest enduros, in a 29˝-optimized package that makes this mountain bike the undisputed king of the trail. Throw down on technical descents and fly back up the mountain. Slash dominates the most demanding trails, with 29˝ wheels on an aggressive, ultra-capable, lightweight carbon frame.

  • Slash 9.8
  • Trek Session 8

Active Braking Pivot (AVP)

Brake later. Stay in control.

One of the greatest bicycle innovations of all time, rear suspension is intended to keep you grounded and in control. For years, various suspension designs failed to deliver the benefits of this technology when a rider would hit the brakes. Essentially, braking would lock the suspension. That was until Trek unveiled Active Braking Pivot (ABP) — a patented system developed to keep the rear suspension working while braking. No more chatter, less unintentional skidding—complete confidence on or off the brakes. That’s what ABP does.The larger wheel diameter offers a larger contact patch. In other words, all things being equal, a 29-inch wheel will put more rubm bracket drop yields a bike that feels more planted, which is of particular benefit to both beginners and endurance racers.


Riding a bike with less bottom bracket drop results in a more responsive handling feel. Along these lines, the smaller diameter wheel frees up more room to shorten chainstays, especially on long-travel bikes. With shorter chainstays, a bike tends to turn on a tighter radius, helping the rider to make quicker changes in direction. Ultimately, this is advantageous to aggressive descenders. Additionally, the smaller wheels are both stiffer and lighter, which enhances the lively feel that’s inherent with 27.5-inch bikes.