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Conquer all varieties of rides with all-mountain and trail mountain bikes that combine innovative materials and construction with top-line spec for unparalleled performance on dirt and rock and everything in between. Strong and agile, stable and capable. Specialized and Trek all-mountain and trail mountain bikes @ Livermore Cyclery to bring grins and adventure.

Specialized All-Mountain & Trail Bikes

  • Specialized Stumpjumper FSR 29/650b
  • If any bike is emblematic of the sport of mountain biking, it’s the Stumpjumper. Since it debuted in 1981, it is one of the few originals not only still alive and kicking but, as the 2018 FSR model demonstrates, still kicking ass. The Stumpjumper FSR is the ultimate trail bike. And now, it solidifies its position as the best handling, most efficient trail bike with revolutionary tech, like the Rx Trail shock tune, fully integrated SWAT technology, 650b & 29er options, and a slacker, trail-eating geometry. It's a bike that's ready for anything the trail can throw at it.

  • Specialized Camber
  • In the pursuit of speed, all trails lead to Camber. Specialized designed it to be the ultimate speed-loving trail bike, which means that having equal efficiency both up and down the trail is an absolute must. To make sure of it, Cambers feature our fully active & independent FSR suspension and a geometry that hits all the sweet spots. If your rides see you going big and going fast, the Camber is tailor-made for you.

  • Specialized Rhyme
  • When no trail is too steep, and no jump is off limits, you need a bike that delivers a purpose-built trail experience. It's designed to not just be the most capable women's trail bike out there, but to be one of the most capable trail bikes—period. Consider it the bike that every trail rider has wanted but has never been given—until now.

Trek All-mountain & Trail Bikes

Trek trail bikes are your do-more ride. They're versatile, light, and exceedingly capable, climbing as well as they descend, conquering trails from the Dolomites to Durango. They're the right bike for anything from a quick stint on the trails to a brutal day of racing. No other bikes offer this level of no-compromise performance, any-situation versatility.

  • Trek Fuel EX
  • Modern trail geometry, 29˝ or 27.5˝ mid-fat options, and 130mm of travel make Fuel EX the one go-to full suspension trail bike for all riders. Want a rugged, capable long-travel trail bike with the responsiveness of an XC bike? This is it. Fuel EX blends the best of both worlds in one uncompromising package.

  • Trek Remedy
  • Remedy is the mountain biker's mountain bike. 27.5˝ wheels, an aggressive geometry, and a wealth of technical features make a bike that scores tens for capability. Want to push harder? Want more travel? Need a more capable build? Remedy is your full suspension ride to the next level.

Advantages of 29 inch wheels on Trail Bikes

You’d have to live under a rock to be unaware of the wheel size debate that’s currently gripping mountain biking. It will depend on your priorities, as each size offers distinct advantages. The larger wheel diameter offers a larger contact patch. In other words, all things being equal, a 29-inch wheel will put more rubber on the trail and increases climbing and cornering stability and a bike that feels more planted, which is of particular benefit to both beginners and XC racers.

ADVANTAGES OF frame Geometry on Trail Bikes

Riding a bike with less bottom bracket drop results in a more responsive handling feel. Along these lines, the smaller diameter wheel frees up more room to shorten chainstays, especially on long-travel bikes. With shorter chainstays, a bike tends to turn on a tighter radius, helping the rider to make quicker changes in direction.

Ultimately, this is advantageous to aggressive descenders. Additionally, the smaller wheels are both stiffer and lighter, which enhances the lively feel that’s inherent with 27.5-inch bikes.

Trail Bike Geometry 29er trail bikes that marry shorter travel and a shorter back end with a relatively slack front end (head angle of 67.5 degrees). What results is a playful, efficient, and stable bike that you can flick through corners and bomb down confidently over all types of terrain.