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You will here many pieces of advice, wisdom and heresay mixed with unsolicited opinion from cycling friends and mavens about the contentious issue of wheel choice. One definite truth that we here at Livermore Cyclery epouse is that wheels can make all the difference in the world per dollar spent.

To that end we offer leading hoops from makers such as Enve, Zipp, Bontrager, Mavic, HED, Specialized and other leading designers and manufacturers.

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Trek & their Bontrager product line offer wheel options for road and mountain in carbon and aluminum and tubeless ready products.

The Great Mountain Bike wheel debate - 29er's vs 27.5 (650B)

You’d have to live under a rock to be unaware of the wheel size debate that’s now a part of mountain biking lore. And since you’re reading this, you probably don’t live under a rock, unless said rock has Wi-Fi. And while we’ve all heard countless arguments favoring each size, what’s certain is that the classic 26-inch wheel size is no longer a viable or desired option, which means that most everyone that’s looking for a new bike is choosing between 27.5- and 29-inch wheels. Your choice will largely depend on your priorities, as each size offers distinct advantages.


The larger wheel diameter offers a larger contact patch. In other words, all things being equal, a 29-inch wheel will put more rubber on the ground at once. This means that you’ll have more available grip for cornering, braking, and climbing. The added diameter also reduces the angle of attack when rolling over a given obstacle, which enhances the sense that your bike is rolling through trail features, rather than up and over them. And as previously mentioned, the increased bottom bracket drop yields a bike that feels more planted, which is of particular benefit to both beginners and endurance racers.


Riding a bike with less bottom bracket drop results in a more responsive handling feel. Along these lines, the smaller diameter wheel frees up more room to shorten chainstays, especially on long-travel bikes. With shorter chainstays, a bike tends to turn on a tighter radius, helping the rider to make quicker changes in direction.

Conversely, the use of smaller wheels requires slacker head angles to achieve the same trail measurement. This balance of slacker head angles and shorter chainstays gives the 27.5-inch wheels greater pitch stability compared to a 29-inch wheeled bike with similar handling traits. Ultimately, this is advantageous to aggressive descenders. Additionally, the smaller wheels are both stiffer and lighter, which enhances the lively feel that’s inherent with 27.5-inch wheel bikes.

Bontrager mountain bike wheels.Tried, tough and true, Bontrager mountain wheelsets are born from the trail and built to withstand years of abuse. Choose any of our high-quality wheels to match your style and help elevate your skills.

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