Electronic Drivetrains

The development of electronic shifting and drivetrain componetns on both road, mountain and hybrid bike models has been one of the most important changes to bike function and technology in the last 5 years.

What is the Deal with Electronic Shifting?

Switching over from a mechanical drivetrain may seem daunting at first but many riders feel that the benefits of electronic shifting outweigh any drawbacks. With electronic, riders can expect faster shifting that performs perfectly—even under load. There are multiple shift points, eliminating the need for a rider to switch hand positions in order to shift. Electronic systems also offer the benefit of being self-adjusting with automatic trim, eliminating any and all chain rub. Plus, since there are no shift cables to replace, cable stretch is a thing of the past and maintenance is a breeze.

  • Shimano ULTEGRA 6870 Di2
  • Shimano Dura Ace 9170 Di2
  • The revolutionary Di2 shifting system solves the challenges drivetrains present to the power-delivery equation in cycling. Di2 gives you instant, accurate, lighting-fast shifts the first and every time, at the push of a button. Even in the most extreme conditions, shifting is precise and controlled. You can change gear even under heavy load while climbing or accelerating. With Di2, you are in complete control.

  • SRAM ETap
  • SRAM Road components stand for revolutionary ideas, materials & design. From the elegant and superlight Double Tap shifter mechanism to the incredible stability of the Exact Actuation indexing system, SRAM technologies are the new benchmark of innovation for the road.

Mountain & Hybrid Bike Electronic Shifting

  • XT Di2
  • XTR M9050 Di2
  • Shimano's XTR M9050 Di2 shifting system brings the seamless control and instant response that only digital shifting can provide to the M9000 Rhythm Step drivetrain. This ushers in the digital age for mountain bikers, giving them control over their ride experience, no matter their discipline, like never before.

    Whether you use a 1x11, 2x11 - or even if you still love your 3x11 drivetrain, Di2 technology for mountain bikes gives riders from all disciplines and preferences the same core benefits:

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