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Why base layers for cycling?

The job of a base layer is quite simply to keep your dry when you’re sweating, by pulling sweat moisture away from your skin. A base layer also provides a layer of insulation, and you can tailor how much insulation by the base layer you choose. As the base layer sits next to the skin, comfort is vital so it’s worth investing in a high quality base layer. You don’t want any irritation when you're cycling.

Base layers came in many varieties: different sleeve lengths, different fabrics and weights, high collars and low collars; no two base layers are the same. A base layer doesn’t have an easy job, and the trick is to find one that suits your demands and style of riding.

  • Whatever the weather, the right base layer can help keep you comfortable on the bike by providing insulation, wicking sweat away from your skin or both.
  • Lightweight synthetics are good for summer use, while Merino wool has fans all year round because it can be worn repeatedly without getting smelly.
  • For winter use look for features like a high neck, thumb looks and a zip for cooling
  • Minimalism is the watchword in summer, but short sleeves — rather than a sleeveless design — can still help provide a little crash protection

Bontrager base layers

Bontrager B2 and B3 base layers

The Bontrager B2 long sleeve baselayer is an ideal choice for those milder rides where you still need a layer next to the skin under your jersey. This base layer combines Profila Dry 37.5 fabric with merino wool on the back and arms to provide the balance between moisture transfer and keeping the rider warm.

The key to staying warm on the bike is the correct combination of layers. Get started properly with our plush B3 Baselayer. B3 wraps you in the warm embrace of merino wool providing all the protection and breathability you need to enjoy riding in the cold.

Control your climate with Bontrager baselayers. Available in multiple fabric weights, each with its own unique construction, and each designed for moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and 4-way stretch mobility, Bontrager cycling baselayers provide the specific thermal performance you need to stay comfortable, no matter how intense your ride or varied the conditions.

Reviewed at by Katherine Fuller.

Specialized Cycling Base Layers

Specialized men's base layers and women's base layers are an excellent choice for road and mountain cycling.

Specialized base layers The first step on the road to comfort starts where fabric touches the skin. And when it comes to creating a smooth and soft interface, nothing compares to our line of cycling base layers. They're proficient at regulating temperature and managing moisture build-up, and with little to no seams at work, they'll nearly eliminate the risk of chafing or abrasion.

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