The amount of data that is available to the modern cyclist can at times be a little overwhelming. The advent of modern power meters and GPS enabled cycling computers has allowed for increased data recording and collection with large social pools of cyclists . . . think Strava! . . . all the time enabling and feeding the need for not just basic speed and distance but conquests and personal best performances recording power and new variables such as cycling VAM (vertical ascent meters per hour) and more.

Cycling computer manufacturers produce models for nearly every type of user. People get into the sport for many reasons: fitness, competition, transportation, and fun. Whatever level you pursue in your cycling endeavors, being able to quantify the ride can bring satisfaction to your efforts. Whether it’s speed, cadence, heart rate, power, left & right balance and asymetry or temperature, gradient and altitude.

Here are few of our faves from the cycling computers category – yes we belive in the power of data @ Livermore Cyclery!

Primary Cycling Data Computers

  • Garmin
  • Garmin is a leading cycling computers, creating a brand story that translates across the cycling world and beyond.

  • Wahoo Elemnt
  • Experience the game-changing power and simplicity of ELEMNT-the 100% wireless GPS bike computer that takes the complexity out of using and operating a bike computer while providing all the functionality you need out of any comparative GPS head unit.

  • Bontrager 1.1 Node
  • Trek and Bontrager makes a line of simple cycling computers that can read all the basic data inputs icluding speed & cadence to heart rate, power, altitude and slope.

GPS and Maps

A bike computer for competing, connecting and navigating, Garmin Cycling Computers. Performance racers and touring cyclists alike need technology that can be counted on. We’ve got you covered with GPS bike computers, turn-by-turn navigation, bike-specific routing, cycling awareness accessories and so much more. Get detailed data about your performance or just plan your next ride. It’s all possible. The Garmin team have created a product that’s adaptable to the new variants of riding and bikes.

Ask at any of our stores about the latest Garmin bike computers and which one will offer the most useful tool for your own riding needs.

Device Specific Computers

The use of specialized devices on bikes such as power meters with left and rigt power, torque and similar data has meant the cycling computer has the need to display data and information that is only available from those devices and you need the ability to view the data in real time menas you need a computer that has the data fields programmed in that will read the sensor data. For example, left and right power from a Pioneer Power meter can only be viewed currently in real time with the Pioneer CA500 computer. You are able to use any ANT+ computer with the Pioneer power meter but the current line of product will not be able to display the data in real time (while riding) of the left and right power and efficiency variables that are unique to Pioneer power meters.

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