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Livermore Cyclery Fit Labs

  • You can get a professional Livermore Cyclery bike fit in all 3 of our stores. We provide experienced and educated fit specialists with expertise in all aspets of bike fit. Comfort, efficency, speed & power and increased performance on the bike are all natural responders to an optimal bike fit.

  • A professional bike fit is not for just one type of cyclist. The only common thread is that the cyclist should be seeking improved cycling comfort and performance, whether preparing for a competitive cyclng season on the road or trail; targeting a couple of Gran Fondos or centuries; or simply increasing your riding repetoire for the sheer pleasure of finding undiscovered country.

  • Regardless of your experience, regardless of your skill level, a functional bike fit is the starting point for any cyclist. If you suffer from pain and discomfort during riding or you feel that you incur unnecessary training stress to produce your results, then let one of Livermore Cyclery's experienced bike fit specialists assess and .

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regular road fit

This is for a road bike that is ridden for both recreation and competitive pursuits.
Please bring your cycling clothing for the fit and shoes you are currently riding in.

tri/TT bike fit

Time Trial and Triathlon bike fitting is conducted in all our stores.
It can be booked by calling and requesting one of our fitters:

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Learn about training with power and the use of power to get the ultimate bike fit, pairing your training and cycling performance measurement with biomechanical effciency and comfort on the bike.

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