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Livermore Cyclery Power Lab

  • Livermore Cyclery power lab is an indoor cycling training lab that supplements and complements a cyclists outdoor training and cycling utilizing state of the art power based electronic trainers (CompuTrainers) and ANT+ technology to deliver rich immersed and carfelly dosed training that is specific to improving speed, power and performance on the bike. See the current fall/winter schedule & Sign-UP

  • Power based training is not for just one type of cyclist. The only common thread is that the cyclist should be seeking improved cycling fitness and performance, whether preparing for a competitive cyclng season on the road or trail; targeting a couple of Gran Fondos or centuries; or simply increasing your riding fitness for the sheer pleasure of finding your cycling potential. Find out more about training with power.

  • Regardless of your experience, regardless of your skill level, power based training is simply the most efficient and direct means of measuring, prescribing and dosing the optimal amount of training stress to produce results.

  • The Computrainer power lab @ Livermore Cyclery is the creation of Jeff Bell, a USAC level 2 coach, who has been delivering this type of specific cycling training environment for 10 years. The advent of new technology and software combined with the growth of phenomenon such AS cloud based data and wireless device development for cycling power meters and fitness devices has permitted greater interaction of the training environment with the cyclist for an enriched training experience and increased specificity of training time AND performance measurement.

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Computrainer Power Lab interval sessions begin October 3, 2016. Sign Up for sessions To get details and find out more contact Jeff Bell @ Livermore Cyclery, Dublin - 925-829-4310

Find out more about the individual power training options

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Time on the CompuTrainers in the Dublin lab can
be booked as needed. In addition testing and
selected available race course pre rides can be booked.

Call Jeff Bell @ our Dublin store or email Jeff to book a session or find out more.

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Learn about training with power and the use of power to get the ultimate training and cycling performance measurement from your riding

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